About Carlos Luna

For more than a decade, Carlos Luna has been a trusted adviser to stakeholders in healthcare, claims, utilization review, managed care, insurance, and government agencies in workers’ compensation. His expertise is in effectively incorporating Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) content and tools into claims and clinical workflows to achieve improved healthcare, return-to-work, and financial outcomes.

A recognized thought-leader on national workers’ compensation issues, Carlos’ blogs have been published by industry-leading publications such as WorkCompCentral, WorkCompWire, Insurance Business Magazine, Louisiana Comp Blog, and more. He was named a “New Leader in Workers’ Compensation” by WorkCompWire in 2017 and was featured as LegalNetInc.com’s “Thursday Thought Leader” in 2018.

A regular speaker on regional and national workers’ compensation conference circuits, he has become a guiding voice within key regulatory focused associations such as the International Association for Industrial Accident Boards (IAIABC) and the Southern Association of Workers’ Compensation Administrators (SAWCA).

Today, Carlos Luna serves as the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Risico Total Managed Care, a URAC-accredited California-based firm.

Carlos is passionate about establishing a balanced workers’ compensation system that benefits all of its stakeholders.

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